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Directions Bachelor Sunday Burger website.

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prescription of Bachelor Sunday Burger

  1. use 1 of onion finely sliced.
  2. use 1 of Tomato finely sliced.
  3. a little 2 of Boiled Eggs finely sliced (For Non-veg burger).
  4. This 2 of finey sliced Indian Cottage Cheese (For veg burger).
  5. give of Potatoes Salad (Indian Style).
  6. add of Pizza & Pasta Sauce.
  7. also 2 each of Burger Bread.
  8. You need of Indian Made Tamarind Sauce.
  9. use of salt.
  10. also of chili flakes.
  11. then of pizza seasoning.
  12. give of olive oil.
  13. use of ground black pepper.

Bachelor Sunday Burger gradually

  1. Bring all ingredients to cooking table..
  2. Bring oil to heat on flat bottomed pan.
  3. Now spread pizza pasta sauce on both halves of burger bread.
  4. Sprinkle pepper on halves of burger breads.
  5. Now spread a fine layer of potatoes salad.
  6. Place first potato salad side on heated pan.
  7. After one minute or till potatoes get brown flip the burgers.
  8. Now switch off burner and start place in the ingredients stating with onlon rings, boled eggs or sliced cottage cheese.
  9. Then add tomatoes and cucumber and top it with sauce and seasoning..
  10. Place other halves over it and enjoy.