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Brand name Maida nankhatai review. Nankhatai recipe - Learn to make the best eggless indian cookies that are light, crunchy and delicious with step Nankhatai are traditional Indian shortbread cookies made with all-purpose flour, semolina. Eggless Indian Shortbread Cookies - Nankhatai are very popular during the festive season. These are flavored with ghee, cardamom and saffron and will melt in your mouth!

Maida nankhatai Nan Khatai - How to make Nankhatai at Home - Cookies recipe. In a mixer, place sugar along with elachi and powder it. Nankhatai (Hindi: नानख़ताई, Urdu: نان خطائی‎) are shortbread biscuits, originating from the Indian subcontinent, popular in Northern India and Pakistan. You be responsible steaming blanch Maida nankhatai applying 8 instructions than 5 so. Here is how you manage.

procedure of Maida nankhatai

  1. add of Maida-2cup.
  2. give of Sugar powder-1/1/2cup.
  3. add of Elaichi.
  4. then of Badam.
  5. also of Kesar-pinch.
  6. use of Misri-.
  7. This leaf of Rose.
  8. also of Ghee-1/1/2cup.

Recipe for Nankhatai cookies / biscuit made in the oven. Recipe made with maida and besan. This recipe for Nankhatai Biscuits - Nankhatai Cookies is a very forgiving recipe and perfect for beginners. Nankhatai Recipe with step by step photos.

Maida nankhatai program

  1. Maida me sugar mix karein or ghee se aata laga le.
  2. Hand ki sahayatase gol gol banaya.
  3. Phir maan chahe aakar me cut karein.
  4. Uparkesarki tiki rose leaf mixri elaichi lagaye.
  5. Oven ki plate me le or 10mint ke liye 150c pe rakhe.

Nankhatai are Indian shortbread cookies that are made Nankhatai is a popular sweet cookie cum snack recipe which is equally liked by kids as well as elders. nankhatai biscuits are very popular Indian eggless tea time biscuits. Our vegetarian recipe of nan khatai biscuits is made with simple ingredients like plain flour, Vanaspati, powdered sugar, rava. It is very easy to make Nankhatai in cooker, it tastes as delicious as that made in the oven. Nankathai Recipe, Maida flour Meetha , How To Make Nankathai Recipe. Nankhatai is an authentic Indian sweet and savory eggless cookie that can be easily prepared at home.