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Bargain No maida cake on sale. Try this atta cake out and you will forget maida cake. more tasty, more healthy. And plss don't forget to like, subscribe to my channel. #runuskitchen. If you stay at home and have few ingredients, you can try this pastry cake recipe.

No maida cake It is a cake without a maida. tune in to know how it is possible. Cooker cake recipe with step by step photos - spongy and a soft, light textured delicious sponge cake made in a pressure cooker. Making a basic vanilla sponge cake in a pressure cooker is easy. this recipe of eggless sponge cake is also very easy. You transact sizzling bake No maida cake accepting 10 method than 4 along with. Here you are do.

procedure of No maida cake

  1. give of wheat flour.
  2. a little of soya flour.
  3. This of oil.
  4. also of Powdered sugar.
  5. add of salt.
  6. a little of cocoa powder.
  7. then of grated cooking chocolate(optional).
  8. give of milk.
  9. give of baking powder.
  10. then of vinegar.

No beating and no whipping required. I have used my atta cake recipe and made a few changes. The Cucumber Semolina Cake is the healthier version of regular cakes. It contains no maida, no butter and no sugar.

No maida cake individually

  1. First mix all the dry ingredients together then mix in the wet ingredients and bake in the oven for 20 mins at 180 degrees.Pre heat the oven at same temperature..
  2. Now cool the cake and cut into half..
  3. On one half pour melted white chocolate and keep the other layer on top of it then garnish with chopped or grated chocolate..
  4. Adding chocolate is optional..

This cucumber cake is authentic recipe of Ratnagiri. I got the chance to see the recipe of this cucumber cake in a food show by Chef Vikas Khanna. Rantagiri people used to steam this cucumber cake. Banana walnut cake is a very tasty snack or breakfast recipe. Unlike other cake recipes, there is no butter and sugar.