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Cure Rava Maida Mathari in stock. Mathri recipe with step by step photos - mathri or mathiya or mathari is a popular snack in north India and there Are many versions of making mathari. This recipe is for Punjabi style mathri which is flaky and is spiced with ajwain (carom seeds), kali mirch (black pepper), kasuri methi (dry fenugreek leaves) and jeera (cumin seeds). The trick to get the perfect not so hard and not so soft, melt in the mouth crispy texture and taste of methi mathri lies in ingredients that goes into preparation of its dough and how it's deep fried.

Rava Maida Mathari Sooji ki mathri is a perfect tea time snack made from maida, rava and ajwain. These crispy sooji mathris can be stored for many days and serve with hot cup of tea or coffee. Mathri is made in any special occasions and festivals. You finish frying boil Rava Maida Mathari using 8 instructions together with 8 as well as. Here you go get there.

receipt of Rava Maida Mathari

  1. use 1 tsp of cumin seeds.
  2. then 1/2 tsp of carrom seeds.
  3. a little 8-10 of black pepper corns.
  4. give 2 cup of all purpose flour (maida).
  5. Prepare 1/2 cup of Semolina (suji).
  6. also to taste of Salt.
  7. Prepare 1/4 cup of oil/ ghee.
  8. a little As needed of Water for kneading.

Write a Comment View All Comments. Mango Appe is a recipe which has the flavour of mango and texture of the cake.. Recipe for one layer Farsi Puri Recipe - Crispy Deep Fried Traditional Gujarati Mathri Recipe very easy and also very suitable for tea time or can have as breakfast recipe. and it is also consider as kids snack recipe. Mathri recipe - traditional punjabi snack made during diwali or karwa chauth. it is one of the popular tea-time snacks.

Rava Maida Mathari step by step

  1. Take cumin seeds, carrom seeds, black pepper corns in mortar pestle crush corsely. Now in kneading plate add flour, semolina..
  2. Add salt, corsely crush Masala, oil..
  3. Mix it the oil properly add water and knead stiff dough..
  4. Add a tsp oil knead the dough properly. Cover the dough and keep a side for 1/2 hr. After half hr. Knead properly. Make four equal parts..
  5. Make small small parts. Press the small ball with hand on rolling pin. Roll small thick mathari. Put on cloth roll all matharis. Prick it with fork. Let it little dry..
  6. Put oil on low medium flame. Get oil heat up properly. Put one by one 10-15 matharis in it. Fry it..
  7. Fry it till it get golden. Drain the oil with spatula.
  8. Put it on kitchen towel. Fry all matharis in batches. Get all done. Let it cool put all matharis in air tight container and enjoy. This matharis can stay fresh for 2-3 weeks..

Just like any other deep fried snacks, this mathri has very good shelf life and Mathri is a deep fried, salted and flaky Punjabi snack. Mathri goes very well a hot piping cup of tea and some mango pickle. Rava and Wheat Flour Mathri (Salted, Semolina and Wheat Flour Crackers) This time when I made the mathris, I thought of using cookie cutters to give them fun shapes. This effort was mainly for the blog I must confess, we loved the round mathris just as much. I saw quite a few mathri recipes had maida (refined flour) as an ingredient.