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modus operandi of Tiranga

  1. then 1/2 cup of besan.
  2. give 200 gm of curd.
  3. Prepare 1/2 spoon of namak.
  4. use 1/2 spoon of sugar.
  5. then of small piece of adarakh.
  6. add 3 of food colours green orange.
  7. also of for tadka and sugar syrup.
  8. add 1 of Green chilli.
  9. also 1 spoon of rai.
  10. This 1/2 of karachi namak.
  11. also 1/2 of karchi sugar.
  12. add of small piece of adarakh.
  13. You need 1 of Green chilli.
  14. also of for chocolate brownie cup cakes.
  15. add 1 cup of maida.
  16. use 1/2 cup of milk.
  17. add 1 cup of refined sugar.
  18. give 1/3 of oil.
  19. This 1/4 cup of curd jass.
  20. use 1 spoon of baking powder.
  21. give 1 spoon of baking soda.
  22. a little 1/4 spoon of vanilla essence.

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Tiranga modus operandi

  1. First take a bowl and take besan in it.Add curd to it.Beat both of them for about 10-15 min with beater.Grate some adarakh and 2 green chillies.Add them to the batter.Then add one spoon sugar and salt as per taste..
  2. Divide the batter into 2 halves and add 7-8 drops of orange and green colour to each of them.Now prepare cup cakes moulds by applying oil to it and fill batter in their 1/4 portion.Microwave for 2 min and your orange and green dhokla cup cakes are ready..
  3. For tadka Take a kadai and put one spoon oil and add rai to it.Cook for min and add green chillies.cook for another min and add water to it.Finally add the sugar to it.Your tadka is ready..
  4. Add tadka on top of cup dhokla's evenly and your orange and green dhokla are ready..
  5. For chocolate brownie:Take a bowl and add oil to it and Then add milk to it and finally add refined sugar.Mix them well...
  6. Now take another bowl and add maida to it.Then add baking powder,baking soda and vanilla essence.Mix them well...
  7. Now take another bowl and add maida to it.Then add baking powder,baking soda and vanilla essence.Mix them well..
  8. Now combine the ingredients of both the bowls finally add curd jass to it and mix well.Then take cupcakes moulds.Apply oil inside all over.Put the batter of chocolate brownie in the mould Microwave for 2 minutes and chocolate brownie are ready..
  9. Arrange dhokla and chocolate brownie in the form of TRIANGA and feel proud to be INDIAN..
  10. Jai hind...jai bharat maa.

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