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ingredients of Chandrkala Gujiya

  1. Prepare 200gm. of Mawa(dried milk) (1cup).
  2. add 2tbsp of Powdered sugar/Bhura -.
  3. This 20-25 of (cut 1 nut into 6-7 pieces)Raisins - 50 to 60 (remove.
  4. a little of stems)Elaichi(cardamom) - 6 to 7 (peel and grind to make fine.
  5. also of powder)Dry Coconut - 50 grams (1/4 cup,grated).
  6. You need of To prepare dough for Chandrakala.
  7. also 500gm of Flour(maida) (2 1/2 cup).
  8. This 1cup ghee of Ghee - to fry Gujhiya.
  9. Prepare 500gm of Sugar for chashni.
  10. then 1/4cup of Ghee.
  11. This 50g of Suji.
  12. This 200gm of Cashew nuts.
  13. use 2tbsp of Chironji.
  14. You need 125 gm of Ghee.

Chandrkala Gujiya in succession

  1. Fry Mawa in a heavy based utensil till it turns brown(if Mawa is fried properly, Chadrakala last for much long). Take out fried Mawa in a utensil and let it cool..
  2. Put Ghee in a frying pan(kadhai), put Suji in Ghee and fry till it turns pink..
  3. Put fried Mawa in fried Suji along with powdered sugar/Bhura, cashew nuts, raisins, Elaichi coconut and Chironji. Mix all the ingredients properly. Stuffing required to fill inside Chandrakala is ready...
  4. Prepare dough for Chandrakala Filter the flour and keep in a utensil. Melt Ghee, put it in the flour then mix properly with your hand. Knead a hard dough(similar to puri) using warm water, cover the dough with a wet cloth and keep aside for 30 minutes. Dough is ready to make Chandrakala..
  5. After half an hour press the dough to make it soft, break small pieces of the dough(around 30-40 pieces). If you make 40-50 pieces then 20-25 Chandrakalas can be made out of those. Take one dough piece, roll it like a Puri with a diameter of 2-3 inches. This Puri should be a bit thick but it should be kept thin while preparing other Gujhiyas. Roll 10 Puris of this same size and keep on a plate..
  6. Pick 1 Puri from the plate, keep it on your palm(Puris lower surface should be faced upwards). Now place 2 tsp Kasar on the Puri,apply water on the edges then place another Puri on top. Press the edges and close the stuffing in between the 2 Puris. Twist the edges, you need to practice how to  twist, Place this Chandrakalas on a plate or cloth. Similarly prepare 5 Chandrakalas with the 10 Puris, cover them with a cloth to prevent them from drying as it takes time to prepare all of them.
  7. You can use a washed sheet for this. Now roll 10 more Puris and make 5 Chandrakalas with them then cover them all. All your Chandrakalas are made, they are ready to be fried. You can take a 15 minute break if you want..
  8. Fry Chandrakala Heat oil in a heavy based frying pan(kadhai), put 4 or as many Chandrakalas that can be fried in the Ghee(in the pan). Fry them till they turn brown on a low flame, take out the fried Chandrakalas. All of our Chandrakalas have been fried, we only have to coat them with Chashni..
  9. Allow Chandrakalas to cool, till then let us prepare the Chashni. Prepare Chashni Put 500 grams sugar in any utensil then add 250 grams of water to it. Stir the sugar a bit so that it mix with water. Cook Chashni till it comes to boil, then cook for 5-6 minutes.Pour one drop of Chashni in a bowl and after it cools off place it on your finger. Now try to stick the drop between your thumb and index finger. While separating the fingers 2 thread looking substances should come out of Chashni..
  10. Chashni is ready..
  11. Coat Chandrakala with Chashni 1. Dip Chadrakala in the Chashni, take it out with a ladle and keep in another plate. Similalr dip another Chandrakala, dip all Chandrakalas in Chashni and take them out. Keep Chandrakalas separated from each other, leave them in open air for 1 hour then turn them over and leave for another 1 hour. Your Chandrakala is ready, you can see they llok so pretty..
  12. Eat these fresh Chandrakal. Fill the remaining Chandrakalas in an air-tight container, take them out whenever you want to eat. These Chandrakalas stay fresh up to 15 or more days..