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Best savings for Flower shaped Pista Gujhia site. Learn how to make Gujiya step by step Recipe Mava Gujiya , Holi or Diwali festival is incomplete without this mawa gujiya recipe GUJIYA. Take khoya in a plate, add chopped pista, almonds, cashew nuts, cardamom powder, sugar mix it well. Gujiya recipe with step by step pics.

Flower shaped Pista Gujhia So you can choose your pick. Photo about Gujiya-karanje,kajjakaya,popular Indian sweet made with a filling of dried coconut,nuts,raisins,khoya or mawa. Why wait for Holi to turn out these gujiya packed with the natural goodness of dried fruit with no added sugar. You act browning devil Flower shaped Pista Gujhia accepting 15 compound including 16 as a consequence. Here you are gain.

process of Flower shaped Pista Gujhia

  1. a little 1 cup of Maida.
  2. give 1 tbsp of Ghee.
  3. then 1 tsp of Suji.
  4. also 1/2 cup of Water.
  5. use of For the stuffing.
  6. also 1 tbsp of Milk pdr.
  7. This 1 tbs of Paneer.
  8. This 1 tbs of Pistachios.
  9. use 1 tsp of Chironji.
  10. also 1 tbsp of Sugar.
  11. use 1 tsp of Elaichi pdr.
  12. use of For the syrup.
  13. a little of Sugar1cup.
  14. You need 1 cup of Water.
  15. Prepare of Kesar strands 8.

Heat sufficient oil in a non-stick kadai; gently slide in a few gujiya at a time, and deep-fry for five to six minutes or till golden brown. gujiya shaper which you can easily get it in online or local grocery stores. lastly, make sure the dough is crispy gujiya. finally, do check my other indian sweet recipes collection and diwali sweet recipes collection. particularly, rasgulla, gulab jamun, motichoor ladoo, kaju. Gujiya is a sweet fried dumpling which is filled with a mixture of milk solids (mawa/khoya) and nuts. These mawa gujiya are the perfect In North India, gujiya is typically made during the festival of colors, Holi which is only a few days away. As a child, getting to eat.

Flower shaped Pista Gujhia compound

  1. Make the stuffing. In a kadhai take grated paneer, milk pdr and sugar.Heat it at slow fire till they all mix well..
  2. Now add pishta,chironji and elaichi pdr.Mix well..
  3. Filling is ready..
  4. For the crust knead maida and suji with ghee and water.Keep for half an hour..
  5. Make equal balls of dough..
  6. To make flower shape roll the ball and cut into a square..
  7. Bring all four corners in the centre and turn it..
  8. Keep the filling on it..
  9. Bring again four corners in the centre..
  10. Pull out all four loose ends from beneath..
  11. Lo!! Flower shape is made..
  12. Fry them on slow fire till crispy.
  13. Make a sugar syrup of thick consistency..
  14. Dip gujhias in the syrup..
  15. Take out and garnish with nuts..
  16. You can dip these gujhias in rabdi or thick sweet milk and serve it as a pudding..

Gujiya Recipe, Learn how to make Gujiya (absolutely delicious recipe of Gujiya ingredients and cooking method) About Gujiya Recipe: Gujiyas are sweet dumplings made of maida or flour and filled with a delightful khoya and dry fruits mixture and are popularly. Hi friends here's a neat flower craft you will love using Pistachio shells! Making of flower using Pista/Pistachio shell Gujiya is a traditional sweet, deep-fried, half-moon shaped dumpling. The outer layer is made from all purpose flour and is crispy yet flaky in texture.