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instructions of Chicken kadai 😊 Ramadan Mubarak 👍

  1. Prepare 1 kg of chicken cut into small pieces.
  2. add 1 of onion,1 tomato peeled,1 tsp turmeric,1 tsp chilli powder(grind).
  3. also 5 cloves of garlic, 1 inch ginger and 4 green chillies crushed.
  4. Prepare of Masala to roast(6 Kashmiri red chilli (less heat),2 tbsn.
  5. use of Coriander seeds,1 tbsn dried fenugreek leaves,1 tbsn cumin seed).
  6. This 1 of tbsn tomato paste,1/2cup cup oil,2 tbsn oil for fry paste.

Chicken kadai 😊 Ramadan Mubarak 👍 step by step

  1. First roast the dry masala and grind. Now crush the ginger garlic and chilli. Now heat oil in a vessel,wok or kadai then add 1 tbsn salt then add the chicken and saute and remove..
  2. Now same oil add the onion and tomato paste with turmeric and chilli..
  3. Now take ginger garlic and chillies...fry in different pan with 2 tbsn oil and transfer into the masala.mix now add 1 tsp salt and 1 tbsn red tomato paste mix well and saute till oil floats up..
  4. Now add the chicken, mix well and add little simmer 5 add half of the roasted put some coriander leaves, some thinly sliced ginger and slit green chillies.
  5. Serve hot,with flavoured rice,khabus,chapati with curd raita😊 Please do subscribe my #youtube blog Tanvi.s 25 yummy food blog. #newyoutuber.