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whole wheat sourdough bread At last our Whole Wheat Sourdough is available! It is great toasted or fresh for your favorite sandwich or snack! Try some today you will love it!! You finish brewing simmer whole wheat sourdough bread adopting 14 procedure as well as 11 moreover. Here you go sew up.

prescription of whole wheat sourdough bread

  1. use of starter: Feed starter.
  2. give 1 cup of bread flour.
  3. This 1 cup of water.
  4. This 3/4 cup of sugar.
  5. This 3 tbsp of instant potato flakes.
  6. then of bread.
  7. use 2 cup of starter.
  8. then 1/2 cup of canola oil.
  9. a little 1 cup of sugar.
  10. then 5 cup of white bread flour.
  11. use 5 cup of whole wheat bread flour.
  12. a little 1 cup of ground flaxseed.
  13. Prepare 3 cup of water.
  14. You need 2 tbsp of salt.

This sourdough bread is absolutely awesome!! It has a wonderful texture and flavor! It This videos and photos below shows how to make from start to finish the high-hydration, whole wheat(-ish) sourdough bread recipe included at the end of the post. The recipe makes two heavy, solid loaves that are moist and delicious on the inside and surrounded by a hearty, thick crust.

whole wheat sourdough bread process

  1. feed starter.
  2. mix well and cover for 8 hours.
  3. mix well and put unused starter in refrigerator.
  4. mix all bread ingredients well.
  5. cover with plastic wrap.
  6. let rise 10 hours.
  7. knead gently on floured surface. dough should be soft..
  8. form in loaves in 4 loaf pans.
  9. cover with plastic wrap.
  10. let rise five hours.
  11. bake at 350 for 30 min or until done.

The bread is started at night and allowed to turn to sponge while you sleep. Measure the culture into bread machine pan. Add remaining ingredients, with flour being last. Set machine for dough cycle and start. At end of cycle, remove dough from machine and shape into desired loaf.