Recipe: Perfect #Masala_Gravy_Chicken_RiceStep by step

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#Masala_Gravy_Chicken_Rice You take care of business simmering burn #Masala_Gravy_Chicken_Rice accepting 9 program together with 2 than. Here is how you realize.

program of #Masala_Gravy_Chicken_Rice

  1. give 1 Cup of Of Raw Rice.
  2. use 1 Cup of Cooked Masala Gravy Chicken.
  3. This 1 Cup of Water.
  4. add 1 Tsp of Shahi Jeera Powder.
  5. then 1 of Capcicum Long Shap Cut Pieces.
  6. then 1 of Onion Sliced Cut Pieces.
  7. a little 1 of Tasp Desi Ghee.
  8. then Half of Tsp Salt.
  9. give of And One Tsp Lemon Juice...That It...👍🏻.

#Masala_Gravy_Chicken_Rice instructions

  1. First is Wash an Soak the rice in water For20Minutes Now_2 Step,Start then small cut this masala gravy chicken pieces and add into just chicken gravy Or add the desi ghee In Pressure cooker and heat this or add the jerra powder,Onion And capcicum an little golden Fry This....
  2. Next_Step_Now add drianed, soaked rice or with add masala gravy Chicken,light hand mix it, last me add kare water,salt and lemon juice Again mix it well an cook this recipe for about2 wisell,... Now end the wisell in cooker,Serve the yummy rice with other spice curd raita In Seving plate and serve it..