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Deals Stir fry Asparagus with black fungus pre-owned. RECIPE BELOW: This quick and simple stir fry asparagus dish is both healthy and delicious! This is a simple but good stir-fry recipe for asparagus. What I like about this is how the asparagus is cooked yet still crisp; there's nothing more I hate For those who are unfamiliar with the preparation technique of asparagus (as I was last year.

Stir fry Asparagus with black fungus Even folks who don't like veggies will enjoy this dish. Asparagus Stir-Fry Recipe photo by Taste of Home. Stir-fry Asparagus with Shrimp - Easy and healthy Chinese asparagus dish with brown sauce. You effect sizzling barbecue Stir fry Asparagus with black fungus accepting 9 modus operandi moreover 5 furthermore. Here is how you do.

modus operandi of Stir fry Asparagus with black fungus

  1. You need 300 g of Asparagus.
  2. a little 10-15 pcs of Black fungus.
  3. then 1/4 pcs of each of green, yellow and red capcicum.
  4. use 2 pcs of king oyster mushroom.
  5. add 50 g of Carrot.
  6. give 5 of thin slices of ginger.
  7. give Pinch of Salt and pepper.
  8. give Pinch of veggie Seasoning.
  9. give 1 tbsp of Starch + 50ml water.

I created and shot this And then, as soon as the Stir-fry Asparagus with Shrimp is done, I dash out to my garage where I keep all of photography props, quickly set up the. The trick to this citrusy stir-fry is to get your pan roaring hot before adding the ingredients, which brings out all of the flavors in the aromatics while keeping Immediately add asparagus; season lightly with salt. This healthy stir-fry recipe features spring vegetables like asparagus and bell peppers mixed with a flavorful gluten-free Asian sauce. While roasted asparagus is the go-to, it's fun to try it in stir fry along with crunchy red and yellow bell peppers, heart healthy cashew nuts, and a sweet and tangy.

Stir fry Asparagus with black fungus ingredients

  1. Soak black fungus for 1~2 hours, cut asparagus to about 1 inche length, cut ginger and carrot to thin slice, cut capcicum 1cm width, cut king oyster mushroom to about 5 mm slices.
  2. Heat up wok, add 2 tbsp oil, fry king oyster mushroom to light brown, remove and plate, fry carrot and capsicum until a bit soft, put a side.
  3. Stir fry ginger and fungus for 1 minute, turn to high heat, add asparagus stir fry for few seconds, add about 50ml of water, cover and steam for 1~2 minutes..
  4. Add all other fried ingredients and Stir fry to mix up, add salt, pepper, veggie seasoning and starch water, quick Stir fry and plate..
  5. Done.

In this recipe, thin asparagus are used. If using thick asparagus, check out this detailed tutorial on how to prep asparagus prior to adding to the wok, so that their inherent woody texture is eliminated. Very thick asparagus may also benefit by blanching them in. While I prefer beef in this stir-fry, you could just as easily cook it with chicken, pork, shrimp, or go meatless. The following recipe's quick-cooking technique keeps the asparagus from turning soggy, and the freshness of the asparagus balances the heartiness of the beef and shiitake mushrooms.