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Avoid Paneer Soya stuffed Veg Pockets pre-owned. Grease with water on the edges of paratha and stick it. Then press with fingers and press with fork after that. Different types of vegetable like capsicum, carrot, french beans and onion with paneer cubes and coriander leaves I add as stuffing in this paratha.

Paneer Soya stuffed Veg Pockets Get best price and read about company and get contact details and In line with clients'' diverse requirements, we are involved in providing an optimum quality range of Soya Veg Paneer. No one will even miss the meat in this hearty, cheesy vegetarian meal. Brown rice helps make the tender peppers surprisingly filling, and the seasonings add lots of flavor. You make ready stewing escallop Paneer Soya stuffed Veg Pockets adopting 15 modus operandi moreover 11 than. Here is how you carry out.

method of Paneer Soya stuffed Veg Pockets

  1. then 4 tablespoons of For Dough: all purpose flour(Maida).
  2. then 3 teaspoons of For Dough: Curd.
  3. give 1 teaspoons of For Dough: Baking powder.
  4. use 1 Big size of Potato(Boiled then meshed).
  5. use 1 medium sized of Onion (chopped).
  6. This 1/2 of Capsicum (Chopped).
  7. use 2 of Garlic cloves.
  8. also 6 of Soya chunks(Boiled then chopped).
  9. use 50 grams of Paneer(Chopped).
  10. use Handful of Cauliflower(Chopped).
  11. This 1 medium size of Tomato(Chopped).
  12. then 50 grams of Butter or oil.
  13. give 1 of green Chilli (Chopped).
  14. give as per taste of Mayonnaise.
  15. use 2 teaspoons of til(seasame).

Veg seekh kabab recipe - Delicious veg kabab recipe made using veggies like potatoes, peas and textured vegetable protein i.e Soya granules or chunks. Seekh kabab is usually made of minced meat and grilled on skewers in a charcoal or tandoor oven. It is served with mint chutney, onion and lemon. I had seen this Paneer pockets in some cookery show.

Paneer Soya stuffed Veg Pockets procedure

  1. Take Maida add Baking Powder to it, mix it properly. Then add curd to it.Put 1 tea spoon oil. Knead a soft dough. Cover it with wet clothes and keep it aside for 1 hour.
  2. The ingredients.
  3. Take 50 grams butter heat it, add chopped garlic cloves in it, fry all the said veggies except tomato and onion. Fry for 5 minutes then add Chopped Tomato and Onion to it and fry for 2 more minutes, then add seasame seeds to it, Add some salt and coriander powder to it..
  4. Add the Boiled potato, meshing it completely and mixing all the veggies and potatoes together..
  5. Make 3 chapatis as shown..
  6. Put the stuffing on to it..
  7. Put some mayonnaise on it spreading it evenly..
  8. Cover the stuffing as shown..
  9. With the help of fork make some gentle holes in the prepared pockets..
  10. Put some oil on tray then paint some oil on the Pockets completely with the help of silicon brush or teaspoon..
  11. Preheat the OTG for 10 minutes then bake the Pockets for 50 minutes till it turns Golden brown from both the sides. Turn the pocket to other side after 20 minutes..

But the filling used in the original recipe was more Italian based and the recipe for the outer covering was also more like pizza dough. I thought of giving this recipe a twist here. I made the filling very Indianised ,spicy and flovourful using Mothers. authentic paneer or soya bean or green peas pulav or vegetables rice or veg biryani with paneer cubes and soya chunk, selective focus. Copyright: subodhsathe. tawe fry veg paneer parcel. veg paneer pocket on tawa. Maja aa gaya mam ye Veg paneer parathe dekhkar.