Recipe: Yummy Chicken Fajita empanadasComparison

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Avoid Chicken Fajita empanadas overstock.

Chicken Fajita empanadas You make ready toasting roast Chicken Fajita empanadas accepting 4 method as a consequence 2 than. Here is how you achieve.

procedure of Chicken Fajita empanadas

  1. also of Left over chicken fajita filling.
  2. This of Oil for frying.
  3. You need 10 of discos (store bought or homemade).
  4. a little of Optional: your favorite shredded cheese.

Chicken Fajita empanadas modus operandi

  1. Reheat chicken fajita mixture in a frying pan. *optional: roll out empanada dough just a little bit* spoon filling into disco, add cheese if you like. Fold over disco to create a half moon. Use your fork to make "bird feet tracks" into dough to make sure it is closed..
  2. Put oil on medium-medium high heat. To test if it is hot enough put water on your fingers and sprinkle into pan, if it bubbles, you are good to go. Add empanadas into oil, fry for 5-8 minutes per side or until your done likeness. Remove and place on a towel lined plate to absorb grease..