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Avoid 3-ingredients peda online. While cooking mawa, add this saffron milk instead of plain milk. Follow same process of cooling the mixture and forming flat balls. Tasty and simple milk peda😋😋 Pls like and subscribe for more videos and Stay Safe. #pedarecipe #milkpeda #fimiworld In this recipe I show you how to make easy milk peda at home.

3-ingredients peda I was having very nice stock of milk powder but I ran out of sugar so I tried my best recipe to use the milk powder. #mommasrecipes Frydaykitchen. Some people always can make with milk peda or palkova. Quick mango peda recipe with stepwise photos. You make brewing scorch 3-ingredients peda using 4 procedure also 9 steps. Here you are gain.

modus operandi of 3-ingredients peda

  1. Prepare 1 cup of milk powder.
  2. This 1 cup of milk room temperature.
  3. also 1 cup of condensed milk or sugar.
  4. Prepare 4 tablespoons of ghee.

Peda is a very popular traditional Indian milk-based sweet made with khoya or mawa or evaporated milk solids. Are you in mood for something sweet but dont have much time to spend?? Then you are in right place to find a easy peasy peda recipe to satisfy your sweet craving. Peda is the popular and traditional sweet recipe from India.

3-ingredients peda ingredients

  1. Take a nonstick pan and add add sugar or condensed milk at very low flame.
  2. Otherside mix milk powder with milk gently.
  3. Now whisk for one minute sugar added in ghee or condensed milk to mix well and make a creamy paste.
  4. Now add this milk powder mixture slowly and keep whisking gently so it may not having any lumps.
  5. Keep stirring at low flame and make a very thick sticky mixture.
  6. Now transfer it in a large bowl and let it cool down.
  7. Grease your palm and start making round shape.these pedas remain sticky and take time to hold shapes so I was in hurry so I set oreo biscuits at base and set the pedas on them.
  8. Freeze them and enjoy so delicious dessert.
  9. Stay safe stay healthy.

It is usually made from the khoya (mawa). I have already made the chocolate peda using khoya. But today, I am sharing the quick version which uses the sweetened condensed milk instead of khoya. I am, sharing a quick and easy method of making peda. That is with milk powder and condensed milk.