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Brand name Tasty fiesta in year. Try out my tasty and flavorful tasty fiesta recipe and let me know what you think.give me a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe to my channel. Please who knows hiw to make tasty fiesta? Please teach me if you know how.

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compound of Tasty fiesta

  1. Prepare of Cabbage 1 cup shredded.
  2. You need of Carrots 2 large grated.
  3. use of Potatoes 6 large sliced in strips.
  4. This of Chicken or beef cooked and shredded.
  5. add of Eggs 6-8 pieces pending on the sizes.
  6. then of Onga stew 1 sarchet.
  7. You need 1 of Cucumber.

Pricey but very good, festive and tasty. I must say I was a bit put back. Sekarang Fiesta Steak sudah punya Instagram account, silakan di follow ya untuk up to date. https Fiesta Steak mengucapkan selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa bagi seluruh umat muslim di Indonesia. The official home of all things Tasty, the world's largest food network.

Tasty fiesta singly

  1. Cut potatoes in strips and deepfry in hot oil and set aside until its cools down. Shred your washed and drained cabbage, add grated carrots. Add your cooked and shredded chicken or beef, your potatoes and your onga seasoning then lastly your egg and mix until your egg is sufficient. Put your pan on medium heat and add your mixture, use your lid and close it and allow to cook. Use your plate to flip over so the other side is also cooked..
  2. Cut and garnish with cucumber and serve with any beverage of your choice. Bin appétit.

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