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Directions Sharbat- e- mohabbat website. The main ingredients of this drink are watermelons, milk, and rooh-afza. This is a very refreshing drink and has got amazing taste. It is delicious and you can beat the summer heat with this simple recipe.

Sharbat- e- mohabbat Scrolling through my Instagram feed I chanced upon a beautiful pink drink. When I read the description she mentioned it's made of rose syrup and watermelon. Two ingredients I love in a drink. You operate simmering nuke Sharbat- e- mohabbat working 5 technique together with 2 so. Here you are bring about.

method of Sharbat- e- mohabbat

  1. use 250 ml of milk.
  2. also 1/2 cup of watermelon juice.
  3. This 2 tbsp of sugar or as per taste.
  4. then 1/4 cup of finely diced watermelon.
  5. give of Ice cubes as needed.

I love rose milk and my favourite juice is watermelon juice. Deseed the watermelon, and chop in small cubes. Sharbat, shorbot, serbat or sherbet (pronounced [ʃərbət̪]) is a drink popular in Western Asia, Indian subcontinent and Indonesia prepared from fruits or flower petals. It is a sweet cordial, and usually served chilled.

Sharbat- e- mohabbat receipt

  1. First in a mixer jar add milk,sugar and watermelon juice.then blend it. Then transfer into a bowl..
  2. In a glass add 5-6 ice cubes then pour the blended milk and filled 3/4 part.then put the diced watermelon on it. Now served chilled..

It can be served in concentrated form and eaten with a spoon or diluted with water to create the drink. Popular sharbats are made of one or more of the following: basil seeds. The Pyaar Mohabbat Sharbat thela is slowly turning into a landmark in Old Delhi! The drink is also known as Pyaar Mohabbat Mazza or Pyaar Ishq Mohabbat Sharbat. Its called Sharbat e Mohabbat because isko peete hi pyaar hojata hai😉 Let us know in the comments aapko pyaar hua ya nahi??