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Best savings for Moi-moi with onion sauce coupon. Moi moi (beans pudding) is one of such Nigerian foods that are loved by every Nigerian. It is made of beans and some other local ingredients. The recipe for beans pudding is not as straight forward as the recipe for porridge beans or even jollof rice but with time and a little keenness, however.

Moi-moi with onion sauce Marinated & sautéed African snail with pepper & onion in sauce. RICE moi moi is a type of moi moi that I make by grinding grains of rice together with ingredients and wrapping up the mixture in leaves to steam and cook. My delicious rice moi moi can be served without an accompaniment but I love to serve this blended rice wraps with some protein and vegetable stir fry. You accomplish grilling curry Moi-moi with onion sauce proving 27 ingredients moreover 4 steps. Here you go cook.

method of Moi-moi with onion sauce

  1. use of For the moi-moi.
  2. Prepare 2 tins of beans.
  3. You need of Pepper-3 large.
  4. You need 1 of large onion.
  5. This 1 of cookspooon oil.
  6. also of Maggi.
  7. a little of Curry_1& half tsp.
  8. Prepare of Ground ginger.
  9. add of Ground garlic.
  10. Prepare of Onga_1satchet.
  11. a little of Black pepper_1tsp.
  12. Prepare of Salt _1sp.
  13. This of Cinnamon_.
  14. also of For the onion sauce.
  15. This of Onions.
  16. then of Red Pepper.
  17. add of Black pepper.
  18. also of Fish.
  19. also of Tomatoes.
  20. also of Garlic powder.
  21. use of Ground garlic.
  22. give of Ground ginger.
  23. You need of Maggi.
  24. give of Salt.
  25. give of Cinnamon.
  26. give of Curry.
  27. You need of Groundnut oil.

Fried red tilapia sauce with onion sauce! Moi Moi can be very challenging to prepare because everything is mixed off the stove before cooking. If you get the mixing wrong, there is no going back once you start cooking. If you have tried cooking Nigerian Moi Moi several times but still cannot get it right, I suggest you watch the series of videos.

Moi-moi with onion sauce individually

  1. For the moi-moi*. *direction* _Wash your beans (make sure to remove all the black curb) and let it soak in water for about half an hour _chop the onions and keep aside _wash the red pepper and keep aside as well _add the beans into a blender.
  2. Add the red pepper, onions and small amount of water and blend _ the mixture shouldn't be too thick or watery _ add the spices(Maggi,Curry,onga,cinnamon powder,salt,garlic,black pepper, ginger) and mix thoroughly _add 1cookspoon groundnut oil And mix _get a nylon and pour small amount of the mixture using a cooking spoon or a cup and tie the nylon leaving some space inside the nylon _repeat the procedure for the rest of the mixture.
  3. Add the tied nylon containing the mixture into a cooking pot and add water _ put on fire and allow to boil for one to one and a half hour _ when it's done (i.e when the mixture is bit tough and not sticking to the nylon) take it down from the fire, remove the moi-moi from the water and allow to cool.
  4. For the onion sauce _chop the onions, tomatoes,and red pepper _put a sauce pan on fire and add little oil _add the chopped ingredients into the sauce pan and stir for 2mins _allow to sit on fire for 7 more mins _add the fish flesh, the spices and stir _allow to sit for another 2mins _your onion sauce is ready.

Moi moi a delicious steamed puréed bean dish usually found in West African menu. It is usually referred to as bean cake or bean pudding. Try this moi moi recipe anytime you want to make moi moi with beans flour and you would definitively enjoy the process. Various add ins to make your moi. Try it with the hot sauce though, you might just enjoy it a little more than you think.