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Build Ofada rice and ofada stew pre-owned. This ofada stew/ofada sauce recipe features a stew that originates from the Western part of Nigeria and is commonly eaten with a locally grown rice called ofada rice. Once upon a time Ofada rice and stew was not a posh dish. It was somewhat looked down upon, and those who enjoyed it may have.

Ofada rice and ofada stew Ofada stew recipe or ofada sauce is arich peppery sauce made with combinations of pepper, assorted meat and locust beans. This simple stew is usually paired with ofada rice Ofada stew is also known as ayamase stew or designer stew; it can be prepared with green bell pepper, with red bell pepper or. Ofada stew is a very popular delicacy originating from the Yoruba Tribe in western Nigeria. You work grilling parboil Ofada rice and ofada stew proving 10 method and 3 also. Here you go cook.

modus operandi of Ofada rice and ofada stew

  1. a little of Ofada rice.
  2. This of Dried hausa pepper.
  3. use of Unripe habenero pepper.
  4. a little of Onions.
  5. a little of Iru(Yoruba locusts beans).
  6. use of Maggi.
  7. add of Red oil.
  8. a little of Salt.
  9. also of Small.piece of stock fish.
  10. use of Bonga fish.

What is the difference between Buka stew and the Real ofada stew. Buka Stew has some tomatoes in the Ofada stew can be enjoyed with any other rice of your choice (I used brown rice in the picture) and. Ofada sauce is stew for ofada rice. I must confess that the demand for this recipe in the last few months is over the roof.

Ofada rice and ofada stew prescription

  1. For ofada rice wash properly till water is water into pot allow to boil add washed ofada rice...once it's half down Par boil it,I don't really like the smell.. now add little water into put add groundnut oil and and salt allow to.boil.then add the Par boiled ofada rice and allow to cook.shikena.
  2. Place red oil in fry pan and bleach the oil,cover it please so you dont get the kotchen smokey....Rince the haisa dried pepper and unripe pepper...add lots of onions and blend coarsely.blend some portion of the iru (locusts bean)with the hausa pepper and unripe pepper...once the red oil is bleached allow to cool down.add lots of sliced Onions,allow to fry,now fry another portion of the locusts beans,add the fried grinded cray fish....fry.then add the coarsely blended pepper mix..
  3. Immediately inadded bonga fish,and piece of stock fish and i allowed to cook and fry together....if you like more locusts can add.moderation is key..add maggi and salt...allow it to fry o....your pepper is nready.voila.traditional the ride is served in that moimoin leaves..yummie...the flavour.

For long I wondered why people were so crazy about ofada rice and stew. Perhaps it was just the iru (locust beans) that makes the difference or the fact that it is made with just. Ofada Stew is a popular Nigerian Stew peculiar to the Yoruba tribe of Western Nigeria though now enjoyed by other tribes as well. The Green Ofada stew is popularly called Ayamase. I already have a recipe for Ayamase, click HERE to view the recipe if you're interested.