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Brand name Okra Bhujia coupon. Aloo Bhindi Bhujiya, aloo bhindi fry, sukke aloo bhindi or aloo bhindi sabzi whatever we may call it but this is one of the best bhindi (okra) recipe. It's our family favourite and if anything that we love with bhindi then that is this bhindi aloo fry from childhood. This simple side dish use to be our regular lunch box along with ajwain paratha.

Okra Bhujia If you like the video please comment on it & subscribe for more recipe. This Recipe is how to make Dhaba style Masala Bhindi. By adding spices inside Okra makes it more tender, delicious and tasty. You wrap up brewing imbue Okra Bhujia accepting 9 ingredients also 5 including. Here is how you cook.

process of Okra Bhujia

  1. also Half of kg lady fingers.
  2. You need 2 of tomatoes.
  3. You need 2 of onions.
  4. This 2 of green chillis.
  5. a little Half of tsp red mirch powder.
  6. You need Half of tsp kuti hoi mirch.
  7. You need Half of tsp zeera.
  8. Prepare to Taste of Salt.
  9. Prepare Half of tsp haldi.

Try these Masala Bhindi and enjoy your dinner or lunch. Make Bhindi ki Bhujia/ Bhindi ki Sabzi (Okra) this way and you will love it. #bhindikibhujia #bhindikisabzi #cookingwithrukhsanaofficial. You never thought about okra health benefits while cooking a okra bhujia. Okra is also known as ladyfinger (bhindi in Urdu).

Okra Bhujia singly

  1. Oil men pyaz kat ke dal den us KO 2 mins tak pakaen phir tomato bareek kat lar dal den..
  2. Tomato men adrak lehsan ka paste, zeera or sare masale dal ke tomato ke melt hone tak pakaen..
  3. Phir us men lady finger dal ke 10 mins tak pakaen, spoon nahi chalayen is se bhindi toot jati hai..
  4. Zaeqedar okra Bhujia tayyar......
  5. Uper se 2 hari mirch kat ke dalden or chapati ke sath serve Karen..

Aloo Bhindi Sabzi Recipe is a combination of potatoes and lady's finger/ Bhindi/ Okra cooked separately and combined together with spices. This sabzi makes a perfect vegetable as a side dish with phulka's and kadhi. Different regions of India make it in many different ways, go ahead make your own modifications to the method to suit your palate. #भिंडी भुजिया #bhindi_bhujiya #bhindi_fry #nehacorner Today's recipe is very simple and easy recipe of Lady finger or Okra (Bhindi). I am going to share the recipe of Bhindi. Aloo bhindi Recipe With step by step photos - this Punjabi style aloo bhindi sabzi is a delicious recipe that goes very well with chapatis or parathas.