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Auction How to Marzipan a Cake promo. How to cover a round cake with marzipan. If you use a cake recipe that's specifically designed for decorating as well as the correct tin size, the cake will ideally be level and won't need trimming. The marzipan layer on a wedding or Christmas cake helps to trap moisture in the cake and stop it staling - plus it provides a smooth surface so that the final icing is neater. -Thin the jam with a little water so that it's the consistency of double cream and bring this to the boil.

How to Marzipan a Cake Use whatever amount of marzipan will cover the size of cake you have made. Marzipan is so incredibly delicious, as it is made with almonds. I find that it complements a vanilla cake that is filled with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and vanilla cream; like my "Norwegian Cream Cake". You wrap up baking melt How to Marzipan a Cake employing 3 prescription along with 5 also. Here you are rack up.

ingredients of How to Marzipan a Cake

  1. a little 1 lb of marzipan.
  2. use of For the glaze:.
  3. This 6 of ozs apricot jam, warmed with 2-3 tablespoons water, then sieved.

Watch the video below how to cover a cake with marzipan. Supplies and tool list I am partial to marzipan and this cake full of almond paste, ground almonds and almond extract satisfies my cravings. Mix with a few strokes as possible. Heat water and preserves and brush on the top of warm cake.

How to Marzipan a Cake process

  1. Place almost half of the marzipan on a surface dredged with icing sugar, or between two sheets of parchment paper. Roll out evenly until a little larger than the top of the cake and cut out a round about 1/2 inch larger than the top of the cake. Set aside..
  2. Roll out the remaining marzipan, including the trimmings, to a strip. Cut two lengths of string, one the circumference of the cake the other the exact height of the cake. Using the string as a guide, cut the maripan into strips the same width and circumference as the cake..
  3. Stand the cake on a cake board. Brush the sides of the cake with the apricot glaze and fit the strips of marzipan around the cake. Press the ends together with a round-bladed knife.
  4. Brush the top of the cake with the apricot glaze and position the circle of marzipan on top. Press the edges together with the round-bladed knife. If the marzipan is too moist, rub lightly all over with sifted icing sugar..
  5. Store the cake, uncovered, in a warmish place for at least 24 hours, and preferably a little longer, until dry. If the marzipan is still wet when the icing is added the oils will seep into the icing and make unattractive stains..

Be it Christmas cake or wedding cake, watch how easy it really is by following our techniques. You'll want to work quickly with the marzipan too to make sure it doesn't crack or dry out. Making homemade marzipan is just a matter of combining ground almonds, sugar, icing sugar, egg, and almond extract. [ You might also be looking for How To Make Royal Icing and my Irish Christmas Cake Recipe! ] What's the difference between Marzipan and Frangipane? If you're planning on making a stacked cake for an occasion, take a cake board same size as cake. For an authentic marzipan recipe or almond paste that is easy to make, far cheaper than store-bought, and tastes absolutely phenomenal, look no further!