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Best of Fitness Recipe: ‘Sex in a Pan’ Protein Cake promo. Fitness recipe for "Sex in a pan" cake with protein that you will fell in love with. Delicious nut dessert with pudding and cheese mixture is worth the tempation! Try our fitness version of this cake, which we enriched with protein.

Fitness Recipe: ‘Sex in a Pan’ Protein Cake These high protein cake recipes can be thrown together in minutes, and I'm going to show you where to get started. I'm sure you hate being on a diet or food plan where I have to give up luxuries like cake. This spiced cake goes together in a cinch, using whole wheat to boost the protein content. You see to steeping blanch Fitness Recipe: ‘Sex in a Pan’ Protein Cake practicing 18 technique also 7 including. Here is how you get there.

instructions of Fitness Recipe: ‘Sex in a Pan’ Protein Cake

  1. add of Ingredients(for the dough):.
  2. This 60 g of Oatmeal.
  3. You need 50 g of Honey.
  4. then 40 g of Cashew Nuts.
  5. add 40 g of Coconut / Olive oil.
  6. then 30 g of Whey Protein Powder.
  7. a little of Ingredients (for the pudding filling):.
  8. give 250 g of Semi-fat Cream curd.
  9. a little 200 ml of / 6.7 oz of Milk.
  10. use 200 ml of / 6.7 oz of Water.
  11. then 60 g of Erithrit.
  12. use 2 g of Agar-agar Powder (Chef’s Note: You can freely use Gelatin Powder Instead of Agar-agar).
  13. then 1/2 pack of Chocolate Pudding.
  14. give 1/2 pack of Vanilla Pudding.
  15. then of Ingredients (for the cottage cheese filling):.
  16. use 250 g of Semi-fat Cream curd.
  17. give 20 g of Dark Chocolate.
  18. Prepare of Erithrit.

Sex in a Pan - crazy name for a dessert, but it's one of the best desserts you'll ever have, a pudding dessert with a crunchy pecan bottom crust. I think it's called sex in a pan because it's six layers and from six layers in a pan it got it's sex in a pan. A long time ago, before I was married, my friend came. Protein Pancakes! super easy with no refined grains or refined sugar. just oats, banana, eggs, baking powder, and protein powder.

Fitness Recipe: ‘Sex in a Pan’ Protein Cake one at a time

  1. First, you need to grind the oatmeal and cashew nuts till it becomes fine flour. Add the protein, oil, honey to this mixture and mix well..
  2. Spread the dough in a 20x20 cm baking pan and press down firmly with your finger to evenly distribute..
  3. Then place the dough in an oven heated to 180 ° C for 10-15 minutes and bake until golden brown. While the dough is baking in the oven, you can prepare the pudding filling. Mix the Chocolate Pudding Powder in a saucepan with 100 ml / 3.3 oz of Water, 100 ml / 3.3 oz of Milk, 30 g of Erythritol and 1 g of Agar or Gelatin Powder..
  4. Sprinkle Vanilla Custard Powder into the other pot, which is also mixed with 100 ml / 3.3 oz Water, 100 ml / 3.3 oz Milk, 30 g Erythritol and 1 g Agar or Gelatin. Boil both puddings and stir until thickened. For still hot pudding, add 125 g / 4.2 of Cottage Cheese..
  5. Remove the baked dough from the oven and let it cool. Then apply a layer of hot Vanilla Pudding and then a layer of Chocolate Pudding. Allow this puffy pastry to cool..
  6. Meanwhile, mix the curd with the Erithrit and spread on top of the already cooled cake. Then place the baking sheet with the cake in the refrigerator and allow it to freeze completely..
  7. Sprinkle the cake with chocolate slices before serving. Enjoy!.

Protein pancakes! made in a blender with no refined grains, no refined sugar, and loads of healthy proteins. I reeeeeeally like where this is headed. This Peanut Butter Protein Cake makes for a great anytime snack and is especially great for a In a separate bowl, add coconut flour, protein powder, peanut flour or powdered peanut butter, baking Gina Aliotti is a former IFBB Figure Pro, certified yoga instructor, health and fitness coach and owner. This rich, sweet, sinful, delicious dessert is not called "Sex in a pan" for nothing. This is different than Better Than Sex Cake which starts with a cake mix.