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Brand new Stuffed Marrow - Vegetarian online. Easy to follow recipe for Stuffed Marrow - Vegetarian Version. A good recipe if you have a glut of marrows. You can ring the changes using perhaps mushrooms, celery or other vegetables.

Stuffed Marrow - Vegetarian It doesn't get much healthier and tastier than this vegetarian dish. In this video I show you how I make Stuffed Marrow, a delicious way to use up some of that delicious veg we've been growing. Marrow stuffed with a beef mince based sauce and topped with golden, bubbling cheese. You fix heating braise Stuffed Marrow - Vegetarian applying 9 process together with 13 furthermore. Here you go finish.

ingredients of Stuffed Marrow - Vegetarian

  1. then 1 medium of Marrow.
  2. use 1/2 of Onion.
  3. also 1/4 of Red Pepper.
  4. add 1/4 of Green Pepper.
  5. then 4 of Mushrooms.
  6. Prepare 1 can of Chopped Tomatoes, small can.
  7. give 2 clove of Garlic chopped/minced.
  8. give 2 tsp of Mixed Herbs.
  9. a little 5 tbsp of Cooked Greens.

Bring a large pan of water to the boil - the pan needs to be large enough to hold the marrow halves. This stuffed marrow with mince recipe is easy and delicious. You can use your favourite mince recipe such as bolognese or chilli (or vegetarian options) to stuff a marrow, so do experiment. A marrow is a vegetable, the mature fruit of certain Cucurbita pepo cultivars.

Stuffed Marrow - Vegetarian process

  1. This receipe is based on SERVING TWO PEOPLE. If wanting more servings, increase the ingredients & amount of marrow being used..
  2. Cut about a 3rd off of the marrow. Then cut into two equal circular portions. Cut out the centre of each portion. Set aside the marrow portions for now..
  3. Cut the onion, peppers & mushrooms into small squares..
  4. Heat a frying pan with a tablespoon of oil. Once heated add the chopped onions, peppers & mushrooms..
  5. After a few minutes cooking. Add one of the chopped garlic cloves..
  6. Once the veg is cooked through, 5 minutes or so. Add the chopped tomatoes & mixed herbs. Heat through for a couple of minutes..
  7. Take a oven proof dish & wipe with oil to prevent sticking. Place the cooked greens in dish..
  8. Sprinkle the last chopped garlic clove over the greens..
  9. Place the marrow on top of the greens. fill the marrow portions with the tomato veg mix..
  10. If you have any left over tomato veg mix place it on top of the greens around the marrow..
  11. Placed in a preheated oven. Gas 6 - 185 fan assisted - 190/200 non-fan assisted..
  12. Cook for 35/40mins. About 5/10 minutes before it's ready, grate your choice of cheese on top of the marrow. Cook till melted cheese is to your liking..
  13. Serve up & enjoy! I like to do a side of garlic potatoe wedges with it..

The immature fruit of the same or similar cultivars is called courgette (in Britain, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Singapore. Forget the courgette - marrow makes a fine combination with strong, spicy flavours. The Best Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms Recipes on Yummly Vegetable marrow, partly hollowed out and stuffed with a savoury mixture, eg. pork sausage-meat. Known in England at least since the proceedings of the International Vegetarian Congress in London.