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Deals Creamy potato&chicken soup for cheap. An easy and delicious creamy potato soup recipe that can be made in just one pot! Loaded with bacon and creamy potato goodness, this is a favorite comfort food in my household. Creamy Potato Soup - AMAZING simple comfort food made without cream-of-anything soups.

Creamy potato&chicken soup It's such a creamy and comforting soup. Just be sure not to leave off the cheddar and bacon (or ham), they add lots of flavor! Creamy Potato Gratin - Guaranteed to be everyone's favorite side dish, for dinners or holidays! You pull off broiling griddle Creamy potato&chicken soup applying 7 receipt also 8 than. Here you are hit.

process of Creamy potato&chicken soup

  1. then 2 of large potatoes.
  2. This 1 of medium onion.
  3. You need 1/4-1/2 of a chicken breast.
  4. Prepare of Thyme, salt and black pepper.
  5. also 1 tbls of butter, 1 tbls of vegetable oil.
  6. use of Cheese.
  7. give of Fresh cream.

I'll take any excuse to make the cheesiest, creamiest, richest potato gratin. This Creamy Potato Soup with Bacon is the perfect winter soup. Made with simple ingredients, this soup is the definition of comfort food. This simple potato soup is ultra creamy and comforting!

Creamy potato&chicken soup gradually

  1. Chopp 2 large potatoes and an onion into a soup pot and add the chicken breast.
  2. Add 1 table spoon of butter, 1 tbls of oil 1 tea spoon of salt and pepper and thyme.
  3. Stir fry it for as long as possible (careful to not burn the onion) keep stirring on a low heat for at least 10mn or 15mn.
  4. Add over half a liter of water or chicken broth or vegetable broth (your choice).
  5. Let simmer on a low heat for 25mn until the vegies absorbs most of the broth.
  6. Remove from the stove and, remove the chicken breast,.
  7. Add your cheese of choice,(i used regular white cheese for toast) and a cup of fresh cream and mix till smooth.
  8. Cut the chicken breast in slices or in cubes and add it back to the soup, and serve!.

With only a few ingredients this soup comes together quickly on the stovetop. Load it up with all your favorite toppings for the ultimate in comfort. You will love this easy homemade potato soup with potatoes, veggies, garlic, and a luscious creamy broth. How to Make Creamy Potato Soup from Scratch. The most flavorful creamy potato salad recipe!