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process of Sous Vide Soft Poached Eggs

  1. This of Eggs (large).

Sous Vide Soft Poached Eggs technique

  1. Using you Sous Vide machine. Preheat water to 167°F. Lower eggs into water using slotted spoon. Set timer for 12 minutes..
  2. After 12 minutes place eggs in cold water for 1 minute so they can be handled easily..
  3. Crack egg gently all the way around the shell. Gently open egg on to plate or toast, or whichever you prefer. You will notice that the parts of the egg that dirty up the water poaching normally stays stuck in the shell, and what comes out is a perfectly poached egg..
  4. Enjoy your eggs, and thank Jason for having a lazy day watching TV while you enjoy your eggs. 😃.