How to build Treat Tasty 皮蛋蒼蠅頭 STIR FRY MINCED PORK WITH CENTURY EGGS & CHIVESInstruction

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Avoid 皮蛋蒼蠅頭 STIR FRY MINCED PORK WITH CENTURY EGGS & CHIVES promo. Stir-Fried Basil, Minced Pork and Century Egg. armKR. A fresh dish of Thai style food, Fried pork with sweet basi. Preserved century eggs and pork, make this pork congee recipe a flavorful, savory dish with hints of salt from the century eggs.

皮蛋蒼蠅頭 STIR FRY MINCED PORK WITH CENTURY EGGS & CHIVES If century eggs coated in a caustic mixture of mud and rice husk, clean thoroughly before cracking it open, then cut the eggs into small cubes and set aside. Keep stirring so that the minced pork will not clump together. Add prepared salted eggs, century eggs, salt, and remaining ½ tsp ground. You effect steaming pressure-cook 皮蛋蒼蠅頭 STIR FRY MINCED PORK WITH CENTURY EGGS & CHIVES testing 10 technique also 9 furthermore. Here you are pull off.


  1. You need 300 grams of - Chives.
  2. a little 300 grams of - Grounded pork.
  3. use 4 pcs of - Century Egg.
  4. add 2 pcs of - Chilli Padi.
  5. This 2 cloves of - garlic.
  6. also 2 tablespoon of - Black bean Sauce.
  7. This 1 tablespoon of - Soy sauce.
  8. use 1 tablespoon of - shao hsing wine.
  9. use 2 tablespoon of - fish sauce.
  10. also of Some white pepper (optional).

Pork and Century eggs (also called thousand-year eggs) are used in this famous Cantonese porridge recipe, but you Century egg (Chinese: 皮蛋). I agree century eggs are gross for some people. It is one famous Chinese dish that does not involve stir-frying- the principle cooking method used in. Photo: 蒼蠅頭 minced pork with chive flowers in black bean sauce.


  1. Chop garlic.
  2. Remove all chives' flower and cut them into about 1cm each.
  3. Remove mud from century eggs and wash till clean.
  4. Boil the century eggs in water (with the shell on) once done, soak it in room temperature water to cool it down to deshell it.
  5. Cut the century eggs into small size.. (I quartered them.. And cut each quarter into 4 again).
  6. Heat some oil in pan, add minced garlic & chilli to stir fry..
  7. Add in grounded pork. Stir fried till it's about 90% cooked start adding seasonings (2 tablespoons - Black bean sauce >>> 1 tablespoon - Soy sauce >>> 2 tablespoon - fish sauce >>> 1 tablespoons - shao hsing >>> some white pepper.
  8. Add in century eggs and chives (stir fry 5 min).
  9. Plate, serve & enjoy 😋😋.

From Review : Sichuan cuisine with spacious dining area of Kiki FuXing Branch. A Chinese Chives w. "Flies Head" (韭菜花炒蒼蠅頭). Add pre-cooked pork and chopped chives. Simple recipe for Chinese steamed egg with minced meat plus tips on how to acheive a smooth and silky egg custard. Strain the mixture through a fine sieve.