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Cure Paneer grill sandwich coupon code. Paneer sandwich recipe - An easy sandwich made with crumbled paneer, spices, veggies Sandwiches are a favorite with my kids and sometimes they prefer to take it to the school in their box. style sandwich recipe is grilled paneer sandwich recipe with lip-smacking spices and veggies. furthermore, do check out some tips and variations for the grilled paneer sandwich recipe. firstly, i. Remove and Serve grilled paneer sandwich hot or warm with any dip or sauce of your choice. Either grill or toast the paneer sandwich till crisp and browned from both sides.

Paneer grill sandwich The grilled paneer sandwich recipe is a really easy one. You can make it for breakfast or evening Grill the sandwich in a greased hot griller till it turns golden brown in colour from both the sides. A well-known rule of physics that we all have learnt in our school is "Opposite poles attract and similar ones repel"! You look after browning seethe Paneer grill sandwich adopting 10 ingredients so 5 together with. Here is how you conclude.

method of Paneer grill sandwich

  1. also of Brownor Atta bread.
  2. Prepare 150 gm of Paneer.
  3. then 2-3 spoons of Oil.
  4. Prepare 1 of onion.
  5. then of Green chilly.
  6. This 2 of tomatos.
  7. add of Dhaniya powder.
  8. add of Red chilly powder.
  9. Prepare 1/2 spoon of Haldi.
  10. use to taste of Salt.

Grilled Paneer Sandwich or paneer sandwich is easy sandwich recipe with paneer stuffing and grilled. This paneer sandwich is very filling making it perfect for breakfast , snack or kids. Make this grilled cheese paneer and corn sandwich for your kids, I am sure they will love it! * I used a grill pan for these sandwiches, you can grill them in a normal pan or use a sandwich maker. Paneer Sandwich: Like us on Youtube for more Video Recipes.

Paneer grill sandwich step by step

  1. First step to make paneer filling for sandwiches....
  2. Chopped onion n green chilly...Take pan n put pn the gas n put pan on it add oil in the pan when it becomes hot add chopped onion n chilly (according to taste) when it becomes transy add spices like dhaniya powder, chilly powder, halsi powder n salt to taste mix it well n add chopped tomatoes when tomatoes cooked nicely add crumbled paneer in it n stir well...The tasty n Healthy stuffing ready for sandwiches....
  3. You can also called (that stuffing) Paneer ki bhurji n eat parantha s with that yummy Paneer ki bhurji....
  4. Take bread spread filling on it..cover the bread with other slice...put that sandwich in the pre heated sandwich maker in few minutes ur grill sandwich os ready..
  5. Cut the sandwich slantly n serve it with catch up...I used brown bread n filled with paneer filling so that I call it Healthy sandwich....

Here comes the healthy and filling sandwich recipe as along with paneer & veggies that are flavored with aromatic spices. Grilled Paneer Sandwich is a popular party recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Grilled Paneer Sandwich by following this easy recipe. Today's grilled Paneer sandwich makes for a special morning meal or brunch along with a glass of chilled juice or smoothie. My son loves paneer and so this sandwich was just waiting to happen.