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instructions of Slight Spice Egg and Tuna Rice Bowl

  1. also 1 pack of or can of tuna (or any other single serving packaged protein like chicken or whatever. it can be flavored.. just use what’s around if you got it).
  2. then 2 of eggs.
  3. then 1/2-1 cups of cooked rice (I used left over rice, you can also use instant rice. just whatever man like for real).
  4. then 1 of pepper (jalapeño, Serrano.. A spicy pepper. Add to taste).
  5. a little of Green or spring onion (add to taste).
  6. a little of Sriracha sauce (add to taste).
  7. This of Soy sauce (Optional but recommended).

Slight Spice Egg and Tuna Rice Bowl method

  1. Heat up that left over rice in a microwave safe bowl. Could throw it in for a minute or so. It just needs to not be cold. Pro tip: add some splashes of water so it’s not brittle if you’re reheating old rice.
  2. Cook your eggs. In the picture mine are sunny side up and slightly burnt (sorry), but after a second attempt it wasn’t burnt and both ways were good. Do em how you like though. Once done, add your proteins (eggs, chicken, tuna, tofu, whatever) to the bowl..
  3. Add your flavor veggies. (If you have some leftover cooked veggies, throw them in there too if you like!) I cut up my pepper and scallion with some scissors over the bowl. Less to clean after, right?.
  4. Sauce it. Mix it. Enjoy! For the sauce I had my 2 suggestions, but you can add whatever else too (ketchup, mayo, goguchang, etc).