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ingredients of Filipino Style Carbonara Recipe

  1. add 7-8 strips of Bacon.
  2. This as needed of Cooking oil.
  3. a little 500 g of Spaghetti.
  4. You need 1 pc of Beef Cube.
  5. then 1.5 cup of All-purpose Cream.
  6. also 6 tbsp of grated Parmesan Cheese.
  7. then 1 pc of onion; minced.
  8. give 2 cloves of garlic; minced.
  9. give 1/8 tsp of ground nutmeg.
  10. also 1 tsp of salt.
  11. use 4 cups of water.

Filipino Style Carbonara Recipe method

  1. Cook 7-8 strips of Bacon until crispy. Cook in medium heat for 2 minutes. Flip the bacon and cook the opposite side for another 2 minutes. Set aside. Save the bacon grease..
  2. Cook the spaghetti by pouring the 4 cups of water in a cooking pot. Let it boil. Add a 1 tbsp of cooking oil and add 500 grams spaghetti. Cook for 12 minutes or until al dente. Remove the spaghetti and set aside. Save 1/4 cup of water used to cook the spaghetti..
  3. Prepare the carbonara sauce by heating 3 tablespoons of bacon grease then saute onion and garlic..
  4. Once the onion softens, pour 1.5 cup all-purpose cream into the pan. Stir then add 1/4 cup water..
  5. Add the beef cube, stir well until mixed in to the sauce..
  6. Put 1/2 of chopped bacon and nutmeg into the sauce then stir..
  7. Add the cooked spaghetti. Toss until spaghetti gets totally coated with sauce..
  8. Add the 6 tbsp of Parmesan cheese. Toss and add rest of the bacon..
  9. Transfer to a serving plate. Serve and enjoy..