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Avoid Breakfast “corn dogs” on sale. To reheat, place them on a baking. Breakfast Corn dogs (pancake sausage on a stick). We use pancake mix and breakfast sausage to make these Jimmy Dean knock-off's fast and easy!

Breakfast “corn dogs” Breakfast sausage dipped in a blueberry pancake batter and fried to golden perfection! It got a hands-down thumbs up! Prepare corn dogs at home just like you'd get at the fair. You wind up stewing pressure-cook Breakfast “corn dogs” accepting 6 technique including 4 together with. Here is how you consummate.

method of Breakfast “corn dogs”

  1. add 2 cups of pancake mix+water called for on box (prepared).
  2. use 10 of breakfast sausage links.
  3. also 1/4 cup of powdered sugar.
  4. This 1/2 cup of AP flour.
  5. This 1 cup of warm maple syrup.
  6. give 10 of skewers.

Both kids and grown-ups will love this hearty corn dog batter. Corn Dogs Recipe photo by Taste of Home. Thanks to maple syrup-sweetened dough, breakfast sausage corn dogs are a tad brighter than the classic version. But best of all, instead of just one kind of hot dog, with breakfast sausage you can get.

Breakfast “corn dogs” receipt

  1. Cook sausage links as directed and allow to cool for 5 minutes..
  2. Prepare pancake mix as directed and pour into a large TALL glass. The tall glass makes it easier to coat the whole sausage link..
  3. Push a skewer into each link and dip into flour and tap off the excess. Next dip into pancake batter and place in deep fryer until golden brown turning as needed..
  4. Allow to cool 5 minutes then dust with powdered sugar and serve with warm syrup to dip if desired. Great for on the go busy morning with the kids!.

For the corn dogs: Fill a deep, medium pot a little more than halfway with vegetable oil. High Heels & Grills: Breakfast Corn Dogs - adapt this recipe! The fried corn dogs, once cooled completely, can be stored securely in sealable plastic bags then microwaved or baked to be reheated. Subscribe to Just a Taste to get new recipes. The corn dogs were a hit and were a hundred times better that the pre-made frozen ones.