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method of Naan Pyaaz!!!!! Onion Bread!!!!

  1. give 150 g of wholemeal flour (or all-purpose flour).
  2. use as needed of Water for the dough.
  3. use as needed of Salt for the dough.
  4. give 2 tbsp of oil for the dough.
  5. This 5 tbsp of melted butter for buttering dough.
  6. use of For filling.
  7. use of Fresh chives.
  8. then 1 of onion cut into little pieces.

Naan Pyaaz!!!!! Onion Bread!!!! little by little

  1. Mix the dough with your hand: flour, salt, oil, and water as needed. Dough must be hard, almost like a pie dough. Form a ball, cover it. Let it rest for sometime.
  2. Throw little flour on your working surface and separate the dough into 4 balls. Roll each ball out, as flat as you can, add melted butter on it with a brush. Throw the little pieces of onion and the chives on top and roll it up into a snake. When snake it ready then turn it into a snail house shape and flatten it out. Oil its surface and fry it in a non stick pan, on both sides, till dough is cooked trough. Marvellous!!!.