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Best savings for Instant gits dosa & saag recipe @ home promo code. How to make Dosa - Gits Instant Mix. gitsfood. Загрузка. How To Make Perfect Dosa Batter In a Mixie For Crispy Thin Dosa. Instant dosa mix recipe is a homemade instant dosa mix made with idli rava, urad dal, besan and making instant dosa mix.

Instant gits dosa & saag recipe @ home Dosai, Rava Dosai is made from semolina tempered sesame & cumin and fried in a flat circular shape. Moong dal dosa are instant thin crepes made with skinned yellow lentils or moong dal & spices. These protein packed flavorful moong dal dosa will be an amazing addition to your breakfast menu. You accomplish roasting barbecue Instant gits dosa & saag recipe @ home working 11 process including 8 together with. Here you go reach.

technique of Instant gits dosa & saag recipe @ home

  1. use of Gits dosa pack 1 pack prepares around 8 dosas.
  2. also of Potato sag :.
  3. give 1 of potatoes.
  4. use of Chopped fresh ginger.
  5. also of Green chilli as per taste.
  6. a little of Salt as per taste.
  7. then 1 of onion diced.
  8. also 2 tablespoons of oil.
  9. use of Curry leaves,mustard &cumin seeds for tadka.
  10. use 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder.
  11. a little of Coriander for garnishing.

Paper-thin and perfectly crisp dosas have gone from being a breakfast staple of the south to being one of the most loved dishes all across the subcontinent. Ragi Dosa made with Ragi flour and rice flour. Instant Ragi Dosa or Carrot Finger Millet Pancake. Dosas are a staple at my home; they're easy to make, go with all kinds of side dishes and are healthy.

Instant gits dosa & saag recipe @ home technique

  1. Now just open one pack of gits & add water to prepare batter check the consistency it must be less then watery not more thick not more watery then set aside..
  2. Firstly chop everything & keep ready all ingredients potato, onions,green chilli,ginger.
  3. Now take a pressure cooker add a dash of oil set on low flame now add curry leaves, cumin seeds,mustard seeds stir for one minute then add ginger & green chilli.
  4. Now add in the diced onions,chopped potato’s & turmeric powder stirr well then add a dash of water cover the lid for only one whistle then off the flame.
  5. Once u open it garnish with coriander leaves or kasuri methi & if water is still left in it then on the flame till it’s water is absorbed & it’s ready.
  6. Besides keep the nonstick pan on high flame then brush with oil then sprinkle a dash of water then spread the batter like one cup let it cook one minute when bubbles are seen add tablespoon of oil check the corner if it’s done it will be easy to turn then in minute remove it u can butter or sprinkle some red chilli powder it goes well.
  7. Enjoy the yummy food @ home!!!!.
  8. I have shown process so that it will be easy to prepare but it’s ready instantly do try & enjoy with your loved ones !!!!!!.

Ragi dosa is my mother's favorite dosa and mine too. If we go to any restaurant, the first thing we order is Ghee Roast, Paper Roast or Ragi Dosa. We used to make fun of amma for this, but she never. Instant easy Dosa is very easy to prepare and great in looks and taste. A delicious crispy Dosa recipe for breakfast prepared from a batter comprising of rice and urad dal flour which has been leavened. wheat dosa recipe, instant wheat flour dosa, godhuma dosa or godhi dose with step by step photo/video. easy, quick healthy instant dosa recipe for breakfast.