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Phở Bò for Busy People~ :3 You cause grilling french fry Phở Bò for Busy People~ :3 practicing 13 modus operandi moreover 8 together with. Here you go win.

technique of Phở Bò for Busy People~ :3

  1. then 50 gr of dried Pho :3.
  2. a little 50 gr of Sliced Beef :3.
  3. also 100 gr of Pork ribs(not necessary, you can use broth mix instead).
  4. also of Vietnamese Donut.
  5. use of Herbs.
  6. then of Green Onion :3.
  7. This of Culantro :3.
  8. This of Coriander :3.
  9. add of Chilli Pepper :3.
  10. then of Spices.
  11. also 1 tbs of salt :3.
  12. give 30 gr of broth mix or more if you do not use/have pork ribs :3.
  13. add 30 ml of fish sauce.

Phở Bò for Busy People~ :3 process

  1. Heat up 1l of water with pork ribs (remember to add 1tbs of salt for better taste in ribs~ :3) If you do not have ribs, you just need to put broth mix in first and wait untill the water is boiling then move to step 5 :3.
  2. .
  3. As the scum rise, skim it off and put the lit back in and boil for another 15 to 20 minutes on high heat for well-done ribs~ :3.
  4. Scoop the ribs out and add in 30gr of broth mix and 30ml of fish sauce in the broth~ (You can adjust the spices) :3.
  5. Poach the noodles in the broth then put it in cold water so it does not get sticky~ :3.
  6. Poach the beef in the broth for a few seconds in order to keep the meat juicy not chewy~ :3.
  7. Put phở, beef and herbs into a bowl then pour in the broth~ :3.
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